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Physics - 05.03.2019
The Random Anti-Laser
The Random Anti-Laser
The concept of the laser can be reversed: the perfect light source then becomes the perfect light absorber. Scientists at TU Wien have found a way to build such an anti-laser, based on random scattering. The laser is the perfect light source: As long as it is provided with energy, it generates light of a specific, well-defined colour.

Pharmacology - Chemistry - 04.03.2019
When changing one atom makes molecules better
Chemists in Vienna find a method to replace hydrogen with fluorine in organic molecules The development and improvement of pharmaceuticals plays the central role in the ongoing battle against human disease. Organic synthesis is the field that enables these developments as it offers the toolbox to diversify chemical structures.

Physics - Computer Science / Telecom - 01.03.2019
For the future of quantum technology
For the future of quantum technology
BeyondC research project with partners from Austria and Germany starts in March The recently granted collaboration project "Quantum Information Systems Beyond Classical Capabilities (BeyondC)" coordinated by the University of Vienna will exploit the unique features of quantum science to go beyond the capabilities of classical technology.

Physics - Electroengineering - 21.02.2019
How to Freeze Heat Conduction
How to Freeze Heat Conduction
Physicists have discovered a new effect, which makes it possible to create excellent thermal insulators which conduct electricity. Such materials can be used to convert waste heat into electrical energy. Every day we lose valuable energy in the form of waste heat - in technical devices at home, but also in large energy systems.

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