: events and conferences from universities and universities of applied sciences.

Next Selected Events

Environment - 03.03
ERN Environmental Engagements: talks Universität Wien
Civil Engineering - 04.03
Platform Urbanism Universität Graz
Linguistics/Literature - 04.03
U:japan lectures #12 Jasmin Rückert Universität Wien
Campus - 07.03
Gender equality in science: Are we there yet? Universität Wien
Life Sciences - 09.03
Live Panel Discussion: Gender equality in science Universität Wien
History/Archeology - 10.03
Forvm Antike Universität Wien
Linguistics/Literature - 11.03
U:japan lectures #2 Love in the Time of COVID-19 Universität Wien
Health - 16.03
Metaphor and illness Universität Innsbruck


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