Physics - May 26

By Falko Schoklitsch Using a newly developed method for the efficient and cost-effective production of biocompatible microfibres, the production of autologous skin and organs can be significantly accelerated. In biomedical technology, tissue engineering for the ex-vivo production of skin or organs is becoming increasingly important.

Health - May 24

15-country study confirms that people living near or visiting the seaside enjoy better health.

Physics - May 24

Quantum physicists at the University of Innsbruck, together with colleagues at the ETH Lausanne, have found a new way to generate a crystalline structure that emerges as a "coherent matter density wave" in an atomic gas. The findings help to better understand the fascinating behavior of quantum matter near absolute zero.

Health - May 24

A recent study at JKU sheds light on the development of aortic aneurysm, a pathological dilatation of the aorta.

Health - May 23

A study from the University of Vienna shows a positive effect of vaccination even in patients requiring oxygen.

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