Physics - Dec 6

Advanced infrared mirrors enhance climate and biofuel research via precision trace gas sensing. An international team of researchers from the United States, Austria, and Switzerland has demonstrated the first true supermirrors in the mid-infrared spectral region. These mirrors are key for many applications, such as optical spectroscopy for environmental sensing, as well as laser cutting and welding for manufacturing.

Pharmacology - Dec 6

People with chronic pain are often dependent on drugs from the class of opioids with sometimes considerable side effects. Accordingly, in recent years the search for safer alternatives has been the focus in drug discovery. As part of an international study led by MedUni Vienna, an opioid-like molecule has now been developed which, as shown in animal models, can effectively alleviate pain but with fewer undesirable side effects. The researchers developed a computer-assisted workflow that holds enormous potential for improving the search for drug-like substances and thus drug therapies, also for other diseases. The study was recently published in the renowned journal Nature Communications.

Physics - Dec 5

A collaboration between quantum physicists and astrophysicists, led by Francesca Ferlaino and Massimo Mannarelli, has achieved a significant breakthrough in understanding neutron star glitches.

Chemistry - Dec 6

"Chemistry is when it smokes and stinks" is an old saying. But green chemistry shows that things can be done differently

Physics - Dec 4

Detection efficiency 1,000 times higher than conventional ion detectors due to high sensitivity.

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19 GNeuS Postdoc Positions in Neutron Science Forschungszentrum Jülich / TUM / Hereon, Garching
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