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Health - Psychology - 07.02.2024
Nature is particularly beneficial for people on lower income
Nature is particularly beneficial for people on lower income
Regular time spent in nature is more beneficial to the well-being of poorer than richer people Data from a representative sample of the Austrian population suggests that the relationship between nature contact and well-being is consistently stronger for people on lower than higher incomes. However, this pattern was only found when people actively visited nature and not when they merely lived near greenspaces.

Health - 07.02.2024
New findings shed light on the role of platelets in patients with cirrhosis
Next to other complications, cirrhosis is also linked to abnormalities in haemostasis. However, the role of alterations in platelet function had previously been insufficiently investigated. Now, researchers at the Medical University of Vienna have shed light on the connection between platelet function and the risk of bleeding, thrombosis or the occurrence of complications of cirrhosis.

Research Management - 06.02.2024
How do I make my research performance visible?
How do I make my research performance visible?
The visibility of your research is in your own hands. Michaela Zottler from the TU Graz library provides valuable tips. Why is the visibility of research performances important? The impact of research performance is primarily determined by the quality of the research, but also by whether and how research achievements and the researcher are perceived.

Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 05.02.2024
Exact mechanism of serotonin transport in nerve cells researched
Drugs known as antidepressants target the serotonin transporter in nerve cells and are among the most commonly prescribed medicines worldwide, but are sometimes associated with significant side effects. As part of a study, a research group led by Thomas Stockner from MedUni Vienna identified the basic principles of serotonin transport and thus created a possible basis for the development of novel drugs with improved selectivity and with fewer undesirable effects.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - 05.02.2024
Down to the Core of Poxviruses
Down to the Core of Poxviruses
ISTA researchers uncover the architecture of poxvirus cores A recent re-emergence and outbreak of Mpox brought poxviruses back as a public health threat, underlining an important knowledge gap at their core. Now, a team of researchers from the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) lifted the mysteries of poxviral core architecture by combining various cryo-electron microscopy techniques with molecular modeling.

Health - 01.02.2024
Improving cancer prevention among people experiencing homelessness
While people experiencing homelessness are more exposed to cancer-associated risk factors, there is a lack of awareness and structures for targeted cancer prevention. Yet people experiencing homelessness are twice as likely to be affected by cancer as people who are resident. Against this backdrop, an international team led by Igor Grabovac and Maren Jeleff from MedUni Vienna's Center for Public Health has systematically assessed the health challenges of this population group for the first time in order to create a scientifically sound basis for the development of preventive measures.

Health - Pharmacology - 29.01.2024
Coronary Stents: Acute inflammation triples the risk of thrombosis
Coronary Stents: Acute inflammation triples the risk of thrombosis
Coronary stents are implanted in more than 26,000 patients in Austria every year to treat angina pectoris or heart attacks. These are vascular stents made of metal that help to keep narrowed vessels open for many years. Acute clot formation (thrombosis) is the most feared complication of these procedures.

Health - Pharmacology - 23.01.2024
New therapeutic approach for the treatment of sarcoidosis
A research team led by Georg Stary (Medical University of Vienna and CeMM) has identified a new approach to treating the inflammatory disease sarcoidosis. In a clinical study, the inhibition of a specific signaling pathway showed clear success in the treatment of granulomas in the skin. This opens up new therapeutic paths for sarcoidosis and similar inflammatory diseases.

Health - 19.01.2024
Rectal examinations do not improve the effectiveness of screening for prostate cancer
A study by the Comprehensive Cancer Center Vienna of MedUni Vienna and Vienna General Hospital has taken a closer look at the effectiveness of common examination methods for the early detection of prostate cancer. It was found that rectal examination has no advantages over the PSA blood test for detecting prostate cancer.

Health - Life Sciences - 18.01.2024
Role of the GCP signalling pathway in ageing identified
With increasing life expectancy, old age is becoming an ever larger part of the human lifespan. During ageing, the way cells function changes, which sometimes has drastic consequences for the body. A recent study published in the journal "Nature Aging", led by Josef Penninger, Professor of Personalised Medicine at MedUni Vienna, reveals the crucial role of a previously unknown lipid metabolic pathway in ageing, in particular its impact on muscle health and glucose control.

Health - Physics - 18.01.2024
New technique visualises mechanical structure of the cell nucleus for the first time
New technique visualises mechanical structure of the cell nucleus for the first time
The cell nucleus is considered to be the control centre of vital cellular processes, but its material properties continue to puzzle scientists. An international research team led by MedUni Vienna has now developed a new technique that provides a previously unattainable view of the mechanical properties inside this control centre.

Materials Science - Physics - 17.01.2024
TU Graz Researchers Optimize 3D Printing of Optically Active Nanostructures
TU Graz Researchers Optimize 3D Printing of Optically Active Nanostructures
The shape, size and optical properties of 3-dimensional nanostructures can now be simulated in advance before they are produced directly with high precision on a wide variety of surfaces. For around 20 years, it has been possible to modify surfaces via nanoparticles so that they concentrate or manipulate light in the desired way or trigger other reactions.

Health - Pharmacology - 17.01.2024
Kidney and heart diseases reduce survival rate after severe burns
Kidney and heart diseases reduce survival rate after severe burns
Despite enormous medical advances, severe burns are still potentially life-threatening injuries. Clinical scores, which take relevant parameters into account, are available to doctors as a decision-making aid for therapeutic measures and to assess the probability of patient survival. Pre-existing diseases were not previously included in these models.

Life Sciences - 16.01.2024
Do violent video games numb us towards real violence?
Do violent video games numb us towards real violence?
Results of a neuroscientific study suggest that violence in video games has no negative influence on the empathy of adults Neuroscientists from the University of Vienna and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm have investigated whether playing violent video games leads to a reduction in human empathy.

Health - 15.01.2024
Maturation instead of cell death: Defective signalling pathways disrupt immune cell development
In an autoimmune disease, the immune system attacks not only pathogens but also the body's own cells. A research team led by Marta Rizzi (University of Freiburg, Medical University of Vienna) has now been able to show that defective signalling pathways in the body play a decisive role in the development of immune cells.

Physics - Chemistry - 11.01.2024
First Direct Imaging of Small Noble Gas Clusters at Room Temperature
First Direct Imaging of Small Noble Gas Clusters at Room Temperature
Novel opportunities in quantum technology and condensed matter physics opened by noble gas atoms confined between graphene layers For the first time, scientists have succeeded in the stabilisation and direct imaging of small clusters of noble gas atoms at room temperature. This achievement opens up exciting possibilities for fundamental research in condensed matter physics and applications in quantum information technology.

Health - 11.01.2024
Effectiveness of mental health promotion seminar for first year medical students confirmed in study
Medical staff are exposed to high levels of stress not only at work, but also during their training and education. Several studies have found that stress levels and mental health issues are higher among medical students than in comparable groups. In order to tackle this important issue, the seminar "Coping with stress" was introduced at MedUni Vienna in 2018 as a compulsory part of the first year of medical studies.

Life Sciences - Health - 11.01.2024
Protein complex discovered to control DNA repair
The repair of damage to genetic material (DNA) in the human body is carried out by highly efficient mechanisms that have not yet been fully researched. A scientific team led by Christian Seiser from MedUni Vienna's Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology has now discovered a previously unrecognised control point for these processes.

Life Sciences - 11.01.2024
Synapses Brought to the Point
Synapses Brought to the Point
Scientists unravel structure and function of important inhibitory synapses in the cerebellum Whether picking up a small object like a pen or coordinating different body parts, the cerebellum in the brain performs essential functions for controlling our movement. Researchers at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) investigated how a crucial set of synapses between neurons within it functions and develops.

Health - Pharmacology - 10.01.2024
Vaccine boosts innate immunity in people with dormant immune cells
Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) is one of the world's oldest and most widely used vaccines. It was developed in the early 20th century to provide protection from tuberculosis. Surprisingly, this vaccine protects not only against tuberculosis but also reduces the risk for various other infections, through a mechanism called trained immunity.