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Yukun Ma reports on her internship at LLT, the department for Educational Techno
Yukun Ma reports on her internship at LLT, the department for Educational Technology.
By Yukun Ma

Re: internship at Graz University of Technology

To: My friends in Wales and China!


Imagine, I did an internship at Graz University of Technology! How did it come about? My husband Shaoheng Guan accepted a job offer at TU Graz and is now working as a university project assistant at the Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics.

Just two days after arriving in Graz, we went to TU Graz’s Welcome Center. The staff were friendly and offered help for our daily life and work. They also gave me Armanda Pilinger’s contact info for the Dual Career Service, suggesting she could assist me concerning job issues. Armanda recommended a fantastic internship for me at LLT, the department for Educational Technology, which was tailored to me - creating online courses and translating subtitles into Chinese. I appreciate the opportunity extended to me. My central involvement encompassed the "Energy 0" project at Educational Technology (LLT). Although I had done similar tasks previously, the distinct features of standardization and professionalism led to evident enhancements in my work, enabling me to edit and subtitle videos, independently present progress updates and address project-related concerns during our weekly meetings. My colleagues are friendly and supportive, teaching me much - video recording, editing, audio processing, subtitle refinement, and more. They generously guided me through project recordings, explaining the equipment usages which made me love the dynamic studio recording. Professor Lothar Fickert, the video lecturer, has a good sense of humor, and his rigorous approach is truly impressive. Our collaboration on refining English subtitles required daily meetings with him to verify modifications. He went a step further by incorporating vivid illustrations alongside the subtitles to ensure my thorough comprehension. Interestingly, the busiest period aligned with the approaching video delivery, which managed to merge both a sense of busyness and enjoyment.This work not only benefits me practically but also carries profound significance. Open educational resources offer university-level education to more people. The combination of media technology and education expands higher education possibilities.

The environment is beautiful, diverse, and inclusive. Before arriving, I worried about communicating without a knowledge of German, but English suffices. However, life and work philosophies here differ significantly from those in China. In my hometown, Heibei Province, work dominates life, with blurred boundaries and frequent overtime. While efficient, it causes anxiety. It’s understandable; a rapidly developing country requires everyone’s dedication. But in Austria, work is part of life, and work remains at work. I love this rhythm; clear boundaries let me focus during work hours. I adore the organized feeling here!

As of now, my internship period has already passed. In the upcoming month, I plan to explore more opportunities and assess the potential for securing a permanent position here. In this short span of a month’s work, I’ve discovered a sense of purpose and kindled a greater sense of curiosity!

All the best,

Yukun Ma