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Environment - Apr 12
The Stones and Ceramics Association supports endowed professorship for sustainable construction at TU Graz with a focus on lifecycle-based sustainability assessment as well as greenhouse gas-free and climate-robust construction projects.
Computer Science - Apr 8
Computer Science

In the unique pilot factory of TU Graz, now all types of companies can test agile and data-secure manufacturing concepts regarding Industry 4.0 - and beyond, the new landscape for research presents the first university 5G campus solution in Austria.

Physics - Mar 30

All parties involved have given the green light for the establishment of the Graz Center of Physics, the big physics centre of TU Graz and the University of Graz in the framework of the NAWI Graz research and teaching network.

Computer Science - Mar 25
Computer Science

Researchers at TU Graz are linking energy consumption data and user feedback with AI applications to optimize energy consumption in households, buildings and higher-level energy systems.

Computer Science - Mar 11
Computer Science

Researchers at TU Graz demonstrate a new design method for particularly energy-saving artificial neural networks that get by with extremely few signals and - similar to Morse code - also assign meaning to the pauses between the signals.

Computer Science - Mar 30
Computer Science

Listeners of high-energy music such as hard rock and hip-hop may be given less accurate music recommendations by music recommender systems than listeners of other non-mainstream music, according to research published in the open access journal EPJ Data Science.

Physics - Mar 28

Researchers at TU Graz and the University of Graz, together with experts from France, have succeeded in imaging surface phonons in 3D for the first time. This success could accelerate the development of new, efficient nanotechnologies.

Earth Sciences - Mar 18
Earth Sciences

The study results are based on investigations of repeated mass movements and are expected to benefit planning, maintenance, and development of transportation infrastructure in affected areas.

Campus - Mar 9

In keeping with the spirit of the "entrepreneurial university", TU Graz supports students in the utilization of work they have designed themselves.

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