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Physics - Mar 4
The ONEM project will develop a new non-invasive microscopy technique for imaging dynamic processes at interfaces, called Optical Near-field Electron Microscopy. Led by physicist Thomas Juffmann from the University of Vienna, ONEM - which has a budget of 3,7 million Euro - is one of only two proposals that succeeded in the topic "Measuring the Unmeasurable" of the call from the European Innovation Council.
Environment - Mar 2

Women and the Global South are strikingly underrepresented

Physics - Feb 17

Quantum technologies for computers open up new concepts of preserving the privacy of input and output data of a computation. Scientists from the University of Vienna, the Singapore University of Technology and Design and the Polytechnic University of Milan have shown that optical quantum systems are not only particularly suitable for some quantum computations, but can also effectively encrypt the associated input and output data. This demonstration of a so-called quantum homomorphic encryption of a quantum computation has now been published in "NPJ Quantum Information".

Pharmacology - Feb 9

Currently there are more than 80 peptide drugs on the global market and about twice as many in clinical development.

Environment - Jan 20

Agriculture and climate experts have warned for some years that extreme climate events including severe droughts with frequent heatwaves drop the production of major staple food crops like wheat causing a severe threat to food security.

Astronomy - Feb 19

Experimental microbially assisted chemolithotrophy provides an opportunity to trace the putative bioalteration processes of the Martian crust.

Physics - Feb 10

Noise limits the performance of modern quantum technologies. However, particles traveling in a superposition of paths can bypass noise in communication.

Social Sciences - Feb 8
Social Sciences

In humans, differences in personalities have been evident since the ancient times. Personality in animals has long been ignored, but recently this question has received increasing research interest as it has been realized that personality has evolutionary and ecological significance.

Life Sciences - Jan 18
Life Sciences

Using cutting-edge DNA sequencing technologies, a group of laboratories with Oleg Simakov of the University of Vienna succeeded in fully sequencing the genome of the Australian lungfish.

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