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Physics - Aug 3
How can you perforate an atomic layer of material and leave the one underneath intact? Scientists at TU Wien (Vienna) developed a technique for processing surfaces on an atomic scale. Nobody can shoot a pistol bullet through a banana in such a way that the skin is perforated but the banana remains intact.
Materials Science - Jul 13
Materials Science

For a long time, something important has been neglected in electronics: If you want to make electronic components smaller and smaller, you also need the right insulator materials.

Physics - Jul 3

An international team of scientists from Austria, Germany and Ukraine has found a new superconducting system in which magnetic flux quanta can move at velocities of 10-15 km/s. This opens access to investigations of the rich physics of non-equilibrium collective systems and renders a direct-write Nb-C superconductor as a candidate material for single-photon detectors. The results are published.

Chemistry - Jul 8

To fully exploit the potential of the "wonder material" graphene, it has to be combined with other materials. A new study investigates what is important for this.

Physics - Jul 1

Magnetism offers new ways to create more powerful and energy-efficient computers, but the realization of magnetic computing on the nanoscale is a challenging task. A critical advancement in the field of ultralow power computation using magnetic waves is reported by a joint team from Kaiserslautern, Jena and Vienna in the journal Nano Letters.

Currently 81 jobs in fields Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Astronomy/Space Science, Materials Science, Criminology/Forensics.
Selected Jobs
Computer Science - 06.08
Knowledge Engineer / Webmaster / Technical Guru Technische Universität Wien
Mechanical Engineering - 31.07
UniversitätsassistentIn - Dissertationsstelle Universität Innsbruck
Chemistry - 29.07
Universitätsassistent/in ohne Doktorat Universität Graz
Computer Science - 29.07
Systems Engineer “Medientechniker/in” VwGr IVa Universität Innsbruck
Mathematics - 22.07
Universitätsassistent/in mit Doktorat Universität Graz
Mathematics - 22.07
ProjektassistentIn ohne Doktorat Universität Graz
Chemistry - 21.07
Techniker/in der Fachrichtung Chemie VwGr IIIa Universität Innsbruck
Computer Science - 17.07
Research Engineer (m/f/d) for Quantum Cryptography Software Development Austrian Institute of Technology, Wien
Computer Science - 14.07
Postgraduate Research Associate (30 hours per week) Universität für Bodenkultur Wien
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