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Galactic Bloodlines: Many Nearby Star Clusters Originate from Only Three ’Families’

Astronomy & Space - Research Management

Supernova explosions from the formation history of these families also left traces on Earth. An international team of astronomers led by the University of Vienna has deciphered the formation history of young star clusters, some of which we can see with the naked eye at night. The team, led by Cameren Swiggum and João Alves from the University of Vienna and Robert Benjamin from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, reports that most nearby young star clusters belong to only three families, which originate from very massive star-forming regions.

Austrian Mini-Satellite OPS-SAT Burns Up after Successful Mission

Astronomy & Space - Computer Science

For four and a half years, the nanosatellite built at TU Graz acted as a flying laboratory in space to test mission-critical software, operating concepts and new technologies.

COSINUS searches for dark matter

Physics - Astronomy

In the COSINUS research project, an international team involving TU Wien and the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) is searching for evidence of dark matter. The large-scale experiment is now starting in Italy

Even More Space to Explore and Discover: TU Graz Opens New MINKT Open-Air Laboratory

Environment - Astronomy

With its MINKT laboratory, TU Graz offers children and young people a programme that is unique in Austria. Now there is even more space for experimentation. Under the motto "Power Station Earth", stations on renewable energies, climate protection and sustainable urban development await in the new open-air laboratory.

Euclid finds thousands of new galaxies

Astronomy & Space - Physics

Launched last year, ESA's Euclid space telescope has already been delivering data for almost a year.

Stellar winds of three sun-like stars detected for the first time

Astronomy & Space - Physics

Astrophysicists were able to quantify the mass loss of stars via their stellar winds.

Einblicke von Outer Space

Astronomy & Space - Innovation

Ein Kosmonaut erzählt von seiner Reise in den Outer Space und seiner Karriere.

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