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The use of nanotechnology offers numerous new possibilities in the development of medicines and the targeted release of active ingredients. One interesting innovation is the use of iron oxide nanoparticles with a special coating. This allows active ingredients to be delivered safely and directly to the affected cells. An international team of scientists with prominent participation from the Medical University of Graz recently published its research results on this topic, drawing attention to potential areas of application in the treatment of infections or in cancer therapy.

A large EU-funded study with the participation of experts from Graz has now shown that the removal of the causative blood clot with a catheter intervention in severe strokes can save lives. "Even in patients with severe strokes, treatment using a catheter to open the vessel occlusion is successful. In almost 20 percent of the patients treated, death or the need for nursing care could be prevented by a corresponding procedure," the Hamburg University Hospital (UKE) now reported.

Agronomy / Food Science

The summer vacations are drawing to a close and it is time to prepare the children for the start of the new school year.

Health - Aug 22

After a heart attack, the healing process can lead to increased storage of connective tissue and thus to excessive scarring of the damaged heart muscle. This so-called fibrosis in turn leads to the heart muscle gradually becoming stiff and unable to work properly, which ultimately results in heart failure. Researchers at Med Uni Graz, together with international colleagues, have now found a way to prevent the excessive formation of connective tissue after a heart attack and thus contribute to an optimal healing process.

Health - Jul 13

When a child is born before the completed 37th week of pregnancy, it is called a premature birth. Modern medicine makes it possible to care for premature babies, but depending on the baby's stage of development, some of them face major challenges. One of the biggest problems is the (un)maturity of the lungs, and thus the oxygen supply to children who are born prematurely. Researchers at Med Uni Graz have made great progress in this area as part of a multi-center study.

Health - Sep 12

Bone fractures due to osteoporosis are a major risk for the elderly. It is therefore all the more important to identify people at risk. An international team of authors with the participation of scientists from Med Uni Graz has analyzed how high the risk is of suffering a second bone fracture after the first: The risk is almost 90 percent higher.

Health - Aug 24

In recent years, permanent glucose measurement from tissue fluid has become established, especially for type 1 diabetics who are constantly dependent on insulin to control their blood glucose.

Health - Aug 17

Hair dyes can easily trigger contact allergies. In a large-scale project, the Information Network of Dermatological Clinics (IVDK) has investigated which substances are most frequently involved.

Health - Life Sciences

When people talk about a stroke, they are usually referring to ischemic stroke, in which an artery in the brain becomes blocked and affected areas of the brain are subsequently no longer supplied with nutrients and oxygen.

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