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How healthy is the aronia berry?

Health - Agronomy

Aloe vera, chia, ginger, blueberries, avocado and the like: the title "superfood" has already been awarded to many foods.

Health - Jun 17

EIT Health DigiDiab project board meeting in Graz

As part of the EIT Health DigiDiab project, a project board meeting was held in Graz on May 27 & 28 with international project partners. The overall aim of this project is to implement and evaluate the digital diabetes assistant GlucoTab in different European pilot regions. Therefore we have established cooperations with EIT Health partners in Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Finland and Germany.

Stellenbosch University: Ausbau der Kooperation

Die seit zehn Jahren bestehende Zusammenarbeit im Fachbereich der Physiologie wurde durch einen Kooperationsvertrag für Studierendenaustausch und Forschungskooperation erweitert.