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Life Sciences - Jan 10
Life Sciences
German and Austrian scientists took a closer look at the braincase of a dinosaur from Austria. The group examined the fossil with a micro-CT and found surprising new details: it was sluggish and deaf. The respective study got recently published in the scientific journal scientific reports. Ankylosaurs could grow up to eight meters in body length and represent a group of herbivorous dinosaurs, also called 'living fortresses': Their body was cluttered with bony plates and spikes.
Health - Dec 22, 2021

Researchers from TU Graz and Complexity Science Hub (CSH) Vienna have developed a detailed epidemiological model for the spread of the coronavirus in nursing homes. This enables optimal prevention strategies to be identified, as practical experience in Caritas nursing homes has shown.

Life Sciences - Nov 26, 2021
Life Sciences

Study led by TU Graz shows that apple trees inherit their microbiome to the same extent as their genes. The results lay the foundation for new breeding strategies for healthy and climate-robust fruit and vegetables.

Health - Dec 3, 2021

Bitter taste receptors do not only support humans in tasting. They are also found on cancer cells.

Health - Nov 11, 2021

With the method co-developed by TU Graz, virus movements in indoor spaces can be simulated easily and cost-effectively. The method helps to implement measures in rooms that significantly reduce the risk of transmission via the air.

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