TU Wien becomes a member of EURECOM

Campus of EURECOM  Eurecom 1/4 images   Campus of EURECOM  Eurecom

Campus of EURECOM Eurecom 1/4 images Campus of EURECOM Eurecom

TU Wien gains "Off-Shore-Campus" in the Sophia Antipolis Science Park ("Telecom Valley") at the French Riviera

As of 1 January 2020, TU Wien will initially become a member of EURECOM, a French consortium with the legal status of an EIG (Economic Interest Group) consisting of universities and industrial members, for a period of 4 years.

EURECOM is a "Grande-Ecole" (French engineering school) and "Graduate School and Research Center in Digital Sciences" and is a founding member of SophiaTech Campus in Sophia Antipolis, the largest Science and Technology Information campus in the Alpes Maritimes. With its membership, the TU Wien will also receive spatial infrastructure on the campus.

,, Joint Governance " in research and teaching

What is special about this cooperation model is the "joint governance" of all members and the direct interaction between excellent universities and industry. The objectives and orientation both in research as well as in teaching and in the master and doctoral programmes are jointly defined and developed.

Research specialisation

EURECOM enjoys a worldwide reputation as a research centre in digital sciences. Its cutting-edge research and technology is the result of the recruitment of international professors from a wide spectrum, as well on its reactivity, its expertise in interdisciplinary projects, and its multiple partnerships. Particular emphasis is placed in the training of PhD students within several doctoral schools.

The research orientation is focused on the areas:

Digital Security
Data Science
Communication Systems

Along this fields of research there will be strong research interactions between the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and Faculty of Informatics and the respective research areas. Especially in the field of telecommunications there was an intensive cooperation before the membership. Florian Kaltenberger, a graduate of the TU WIEN, is currently Assistant Professor at EURECOM and link to TU WIEN.

Teaching with attentiveness to industry and internationalisation

The French Higher Education Institutions emphasise their role of being responsible to train the next generation of highly educated professionals and researchers. Particular emphasis is placed on the excellent training of young academics at the level of master’s and doctoral studies, and this is where the principle of "research-led teaching" at TU WIEN meets perfectly. The curriculum and teaching are also developed by means of "Joint Governance", are internationally oriented and attentive to the challenges of industry and are held exclusively in English. With the membership the TU Wien receives a contingent of 10 study places for master students of the "Master of Engineering Programme" which is exclusively open for students of its members. The academic degree, however, is awarded by the TU Wien.

For TU Wien and the participating faculties, membership also opens up the opportunity to research and teach in a highly networked consortium of university and industry with international reach.

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