Modelling the spread and impact of the coronavirus

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09:00 - 18:30


Graz Schumpeter Centre




Termin vormerken

Online-Workshop, Day 2

The Graz Schumpeter Centre is organizing an online workshop on "Modelling the spread and impact of the coronavirus" with invited international experts.

Separate sessions are dedicated to:

a) Agent-based models (ABMs) that focus on the economic impact of lockdown measures (Day 1: Morning)

b) ABMs that allow to study economic and epidemiological questions simultaneously (Day 1: Afternoon)

c) Insights from epidemiological ABMs (Day 2: Morning)

d) The question of mitigation vs. suppression from the perspective of SIR models and ABMs (Day 2: Afternoon)

The workshop will take place online on Wednesday 9th December and Thursday 10th December via WebEx.

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