Enzymes Instead of Cyanide: Researchers Develop Biocatalytic Process for Nitrile Production

Life Sciences - Chemistry

A research team from TU Graz and the Czech Academy of Sciences has used two enzymes to eliminate the need for highly toxic cyanide in the production of nitriles. If the household cleaner emits a lemon-like odour, this may be due to a nitrile called citronellyl nitrile. These versatile chemical nitrile groups are also used in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, superglue and chemical-resistant gloves.

Thomas Rath wins ’Zero Emissions Award’

Chemistry - Environment

The chemist works on the next generation of organic solar cells at the Institute of Chemical Technology of Materials at Graz University of Technology.

TU Graz Revolutionises Simulation of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

Physics - Chemistry

Due to the complex structures of microporous crystals known as MOFs, reliable simulations of their properties have been difficult until now.

Single-mindedly focused on research success

Chemistry - Electroengineering

Vanja Subotic is passionate about fuel cells. The TU Graz researcher wants to play a decisive role in shaping the future of this technology.

Switching Nanomagnets Using Infrared Lasers

Physics - Chemistry

Physicists at TU Graz have calculated how suitable molecules can be stimulated by infrared light pulses to form tiny magnetic fields. If this is also successful in experiments, the principle could be used in quantum computer circuits.

The Embryo Assembles Itself

Life Sciences - Chemistry

New mathematical framework sheds light on how cells communicate to form embryo. Biological processes depend on puzzle pieces coming together and interacting.

Breaking bonds to form bonds: Rethinking the Chemistry of Cations

Chemistry - Physics

New chemical reaction with potential applications in medicinal chemistry

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