Physics - May 14
Quantum mechanics is famous for its indeterminism, but we can usually use probabilities to quantify our uncertainty about future observations. However, a team of researchers at the University of Vienna, the IQOQI Vienna (Austrian Academy of Sciences) and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical physics have recently shown that in certain extreme quantum scenarios it is not possible to make such probabilistic predictions, provided that certain key assumptions of quantum mechanics hold true.
Electroengineering - May 11

Magnonic devices have the potential to revolutionize the electronics industry. Qi Wang, Andrii Chumak from University of Vienna and Philipp Pirro from TU Kaiserslautern have largely accelerated the design of more versatile magnonic devices via a feedback-based computational algorithm.

Life Sciences - May 5
Life Sciences

T cells use their antigen receptors like sticky fingers - a team from TU Wien and MedUni Vienna was able to observe them doing so.

Life Sciences - May 10
Life Sciences

How do simple creatures manage to move to a specific place? Artificial intelligence and a physical model from TU Wien can now explain this.

Physics - Apr 29

The acidity of molecules can be easily determined, but until now it was not possible to measure this important property for atoms on a surface.

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