Life Sciences - Jun 14
Life Sciences
Specialised bacteria in the oceans seafloor consume and recycle nucleic acids from dead biomass While best known as the code for genetic information, DNA is also a nutrient for specialised microbes. An international team of researchers led by Kenneth Wasmund and Alexander Loy from the University of Vienna has discovered several bacteria in sediment samples from the Atlantic Ocean that use DNA as a food source.
Computer Science - Jun 10
Computer Science

Insulator strings connect the live conductor to overhead-line towers. Researchers at TU Graz simulated for the first time when and under what conditions different loads act on these strings. Overhead lines will thus be made even safer.

Life Sciences - Jun 8
Life Sciences

Meiosis is a specialized cell division process required to generate gametes, the reproductive cells of an organism.

Life Sciences - Jun 10
Life Sciences

Biochemists discover highly selective phage activation based on signal molecule

Life Sciences - May 28
Life Sciences

While DNA is often idealised as the "molecule of life", it is also a highly sophisticated polymer that can be used for next-generation materials.

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