Life Sciences - Apr 9
Life Sciences
A sulfosugar from green vegetables promotes the growth of important gut bacteria An international team of scientists led by microbiologists Alexander Loy from the University of Vienna and David Schleheck from the University of Konstanz has uncovered new metabolic capabilities of gut bacteria. For the first time, the researchers have analyzed how microbes in the gut process the plant-based, sulfur-containing sugar sulfoquinovose.
Physics - Mar 31

How can we remove heat from computer chips as fast as possible' At TU Wien, a metal compound has now been identified that is particularly well suited for this purpose.

Environment - Mar 26

Carbonized plants contain harmful free radicals Every year, an estimated four percent of the world's vegetated land surface burns, leaving more than 250 megatons of carbonized plants behind.

Physics - Mar 28

Researchers at TU Graz and the University of Graz, together with experts from France, have succeeded in imaging surface phonons in 3D for the first time. This success could accelerate the development of new, efficient nanotechnologies.

History - Mar 24

With a total length of up to 5.5m, the tiger shark is one of the largest predatory sharks known today.

Selected Job Offers
Religions - 10.04
UniversitätsassistentIn – Postdoc Universität Innsbruck
Mechanical Engineering - 09.04
UniversitätsassistentIn - Dissertationsstelle Universität Innsbruck
Environment - 08.04
Research Engineer (m/w/d) für erneuerbare Wärmetechnologien Austrian Institute of Technology, Wien
Psychology - 08.04
University Assistant (post doc) Universität Wien
Religions - 08.04
UniversitätsassistentIn - Postdoc Universität Innsbruck
Chemistry - 07.04
Universitätsprofessur für Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies Technische Universität Graz
Pharmacology - 07.04
Universitätsassistent/in mit Doktorat Universität Graz
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