Innovation - Sep 24
TU Graz, ams and Silicon Austria Labs has developed a compact and energy-efficient sensor for mobile devices, which informs users in real time about the fine dust content in the air and warns them in case of elevated values.
Astronomy - Sep 22

"During its expansion, the universe evolved towards its present state, which is homogeneous and isotropic on large scales.

Physics - Sep 14

In a very unusual way, the electrical and magnetic properties of a particular crystal are linked together - the phenomenon was discovered and explained at TU Wien (Vienna).

Chemistry - Sep 22

Electrochemical reactions, which will play an important role in the future of energy supply, can now be explained in detail, thanks to measurements carried out by TU Wien and DESY.

Earth Sciences - Sep 8
Earth Sciences

Several minerals suffer radioactive self-irradiation and hence experience long-term changes of their properties.

    Selected Job Offers
    Electroengineering - 25.09
    Elektroniker (m/w) Technische Universität Wien
    Health - 25.09
    Electronics Engineer for Medical Devices (m/f) Technische Universität Wien
    Campus - 24.09
    University Assistant (post doc) Universität Wien
    Campus - 24.09
    UniversitätsassistentIn - Dissertationsstelle Universität Innsbruck
    Campus - 23.09
    Universitätsassistent/in ohne Doktorat Universität Graz
    Campus - 23.09
    UniversitätsassistentIn - Postdoc Universität Innsbruck
    Campus - 22.09
    TechnikerIn VwGr IIIa Universität Innsbruck
    Campus - 18.09
    UniversitätsassistentIn – Postdoc Universität Innsbruck
    Materials Science - 18.09
    Junior Scientist (m/f/d) Battery Material Development Austrian Institute of Technology, Wien
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