natural sciences

natural sciences

The following pages give you an overview of activities in natural sciences in Austria.

Customised Thermal Radiation

Materials Science

Normally, thermal radiation is a product of randomness, described by the laws of statistical physics. TU Wien and the University of Manchester show that it can also be controlled. When a piece of metal is made to glow, its colour depends solely on its temperature. The material, the geometry, the structure of its surface - none of these details matters.

Physics - Jun 11

Switching Nanomagnets Using Infrared Lasers


Physicists at TU Graz have calculated how suitable molecules can be stimulated by infrared light pulses to form tiny magnetic fields. If this is also successful in experiments, the principle could be used in quantum computer circuits.

Physics - Jun 3

Groundbreaking Progress in Quantum Physics: How Quantum Field Theories Decay and Fission


A simple concept of decay and fission of "magnetic quivers" helps to clarify complex quantum physics and mathematical structures.

Physics - Jun 6

TU Graz Revolutionises Simulation of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)


Due to the complex structures of microporous crystals known as MOFs, reliable simulations of their properties have been difficult until now.

The Embryo Assembles Itself

Life Sciences

New mathematical framework sheds light on how cells communicate to form embryo. Biological processes depend on puzzle pieces coming together and interacting.

Selected Jobs
Computer Science - 11.06
UX Researcher 80-100% Hochschule Luzern - Informatik, Rotkreuz
Computer Science - 06.06
Professor*in/Co-Head - Applied Artificial Intelligence 80-100% Hochschule Luzern - Informatik
Pedagogy - 31.05
Wissenschaftliche*r Bildungsforscher*in 100% Hochschule Luzern - Informatik
Computer Science - 21.05
W2-Professur – Software-Architektur und Cloud Computing (m/w/d) Technische Hochschule Aschaffenburg
Physics - 13.06
Universitätsassistent:in - Dissertationsstelle Universität Innsbruck
Life Sciences - 12.06
Techniker*in (20 WStd., DM-Projekt) Universität für Bodenkultur Wien
Computer Science - 12.06
University assistant predoctoral (all genders welcome) Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
Innovation - 10.06
Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in mit Doktorat (40 WStd.) Universität für Bodenkultur Wien
Astronomy/Space - 08.06
Universitätsassistent:in – Postdoc (Projektmitarbeiter:in) Universität Innsbruck
Computer Science - 06.06
IT-Systemadministration Allrounder - IT-Services FH Wiener Neustadt
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