Physics - Chemistry - Feb 23
Physics - Chemistry
Quantum experiments that could previously only be performed with photons are now also possible with atoms: Beams of entangled atoms have been produced at TU Wien (Vienna). Heads or tails? If we toss two coins into the air, the result of one coin toss has nothing to do with the result of the other.
Chemistry - Physics - Jan 22
Chemistry - Physics

For years, the metal nanoparticles used in catalysts have been getting smaller and smaller. Now, a research team at TU Wien in Vienna, Austria have shown that everything is suddenly different when you arrive at the smallest possible size: a single atom.

Physics - Chemistry - Dec 21, 2020
Physics - Chemistry

When T-cells of our immune system become active, tiny traction forces at the molecular level play an important role.

Materials Science - Chemistry - Nov 12, 2020
Materials Science - Chemistry

The focus of the new CD laboratory is the reduction of interface resistances within the solid-state battery.

Chemistry - Physics - Jan 11
Chemistry - Physics

Why do metal oxide surfaces behave differently? At TU Wien, a new research method was found to answer important questions.

Physics - Chemistry - Nov 24, 2020
Physics - Chemistry

Crucial new technologies such as hydrogen production or carbon capture require new catalysts. Experiments show: It's not just the material that matters, but also its atomic surface structure.

Chemistry - Nov 10, 2020

The sweet taste of sugar, energy intake and the regulatory process of hunger and satiety To date, very little is known about how sweetness perception contributes to satiety.

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Universitätsprofessur für Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies Technische Universität Graz
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UniversitätsassistentIn - Dissertationsstelle Universität Innsbruck
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Universitätsassistent/in mit Doktorat Universität Graz
Life Sciences - 16.12.2020
PhD Thesis (m/f/d) Improving applications of filamentous fungi Austrian Institute of Technology, Wien
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