Chemistry - Physics - May 19
Chemistry - Physics
Cutting-edge technology allows for real-time monitoring of biomineralisation as an important process of bone formation 21st century societal challenges such as demographic developments and an ageing population demand for new functional materials, such as for bone prostheses. Nature often serves as inspiration when designing these materials.
Chemistry - Computer Science - Apr 28
Chemistry - Computer Science

Software LipidCreator enables researchers to characterise 60 lipid classes in cells with mass spectrometry Researchers increasingly aim at utilising the manifold functions of lipids in our bodies, e.g. as blood fats or in blood coagulation, to better understand and predict diseases.

Chemistry - Environment - Apr 21
Chemistry - Environment

Although organic plastics are not harmful to the environment themselves, toxic substances are often used during their synthesis.

Physics - Chemistry - Apr 27
Physics - Chemistry

Nickel is supposed to herald a new age of superconductivity - but this is proving more difficult than expected.

Physics - Chemistry - Apr 7
Physics - Chemistry

One of the central tenets of quantum mechanics is the wave-particle duality. It tells us that even massive objects behave like both particles and waves.

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