Physics - Chemistry - Aug 27
Physics - Chemistry
International research team describes the new possibilities offered by the use of ultracold dipolar atoms The quantum properties underlying crystal formation can be replicated and investigated with the help of ultracold atoms. A team led by Dr. Axel U. J. Lode from the University of Freiburg's Institute of Physics has now described in the journal Physical Review Letters how the use of dipolar atoms enables even the realization and precise measurement of structures that have not yet been observed in any material.
Chemistry - Physics - Aug 5
Chemistry - Physics

What happens when you pull a DNA molecule? It behaves quite differently than we are used to from macroscopic objects. Scientists at TU Wien were now able to explain this.

Physics - Chemistry - Jul 30
Physics - Chemistry

"Core-shell" clusters pave the way for new efficient nanomaterials that make catalysts, magnetic and laser sensors or measuring devices for detecting electromagnetic radiation more efficient.

Pharmacology - Chemistry - Jul 7
Pharmacology - Chemistry

Milestone for therapeutic development of peptides against gastrointestinal disorders

Chemistry - Materials Science - Aug 4
Chemistry - Materials Science

Simulations at Graz University of Technology refute earlier theories on long-range charge transfer between organic and inorganic materials.

Chemistry - Physics - Jul 8
Chemistry - Physics

To fully exploit the potential of the "wonder material" graphene, it has to be combined with other materials. A new study investigates what is important for this.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - May 29
Life Sciences - Chemistry

Advances in neuroscience research and microscopy: Researchers look deep into organs and nervous systems of animals, ranging from squids and worms to fish and salamanders.

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Research Scientist in Proteomics and Chemical Proteomics Technische Universität Wien
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