Chemistry - Health - Oct 14
Chemistry - Health
Photoinitiators ensure that liquid plastic - for example for dental fillings - hardens quickly by means of light. Thanks to a new synthesis method developed by TU Graz, these initiators can be produced cheaply, something which will open up further doors for the technology.
Chemistry - Physics - Sep 29
Chemistry - Physics

Chemists demonstrate new approach to self-assembly of colloidal nanoparticles.

Physics - Chemistry - Jul 13
Physics - Chemistry

The absorption of energy from laser light by free electrons in a liquid has been demonstrated for the first time. Until now, this process was observed only in the gas phase. The findings, led by Graz University of Technology, open new doors for ultra-fast electron microscopy.

Physics - Chemistry - Apr 29
Physics - Chemistry

The acidity of molecules can be easily determined, but until now it was not possible to measure this important property for atoms on a surface. With a new microscopy technique from the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), this has now been achieved.

Chemistry - Mathematics - Jul 28
Chemistry - Mathematics

Three-dimensional (3D) configurations of atoms dictate all materials properties. Quantitative predictions of accurate equilibrium structures, 3D coordinates of all atoms, from a chemical graph, a representation of the structural formula, is a challenging and computationally expensive task which is at the beginning of practically every computational chemistry workflow.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - May 5
Life Sciences - Chemistry

T cells use their antigen receptors like sticky fingers - a team from TU Wien and MedUni Vienna was able to observe them doing so.

Environment - Chemistry - Apr 19

Which catalyst can be used to convert carbon dioxide into other substances? Scientists at TU Wien have now created a new material, which belongs to the class of perovskites.

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