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Life Sciences - Physics - 31.07.2012

Physics - 24.05.2012
Elusive Quasiparticles Realized
Elusive Quasiparticles Realized
In quantum physics physical processes in condensed matter and other many-body systems can often be described with quasiparticles. In Innsbruck, for the first time Rudolf Grimm's team of physicists has succeeded in experimentally realizing a new quasiparticle - a repulsive polaron - in an ultracold quantum gas.

Physics - 24.05.2012
Efficient and tunable interface for quantum networks
Efficient and tunable interface for quantum networks
While several building blocks for a quantum computer have already been successfully tested in the laboratory, a network requires one additonal component: a reliable interface between computers and information channels. In the current issue of the journal Nature, physicists at the University of Innsbruck report the construction of an efficient and tunable interface for quantum networks.

Physics - Computer Science - 03.02.2012

Physics - Computer Science - 29.11.2011
Big Success with Tiny Cristals
Tiny crystals exhibit unexpected properties. Researchers from the Vienna University of Technology and the S.N. Bose National Centre Kolkata can now explain why.

Life Sciences - Physics - 17.11.2011
Ultra-Microscope Unveils Secrets of the Fruit Fly
An Advanced Microscopy Method Used at the Vienna University of Technology allows Scientists to Study the Genetics of the Fruit Fly.

Physics - 04.10.2011
Exotic Quantum States: A New Research Approach
Exotic Quantum States: A New Research Approach
Theoretical physicists have formulated a new concept to engineer exotic, so-called topological states of matter in quantum mechanical many-body systems. They linked concepts of quantum optics and condensed matter physics and show a direction to build a quantum computer which is immune against perturbations.

Physics - Mathematics - 02.09.2011
Digital Quantum Simulator Realized
Digital Quantum Simulator Realized
The physicists of the University of Innsbruck and the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI) in Innsbruck have come considerably closer to their goal to investigate complex phenomena in a model system: They have realized a digital, and therefore, universal quantum simulator in their laboratory, which can, in principle, simulate any physical system efficiently.

Chemistry - Physics - 02.05.2011
Single-molecule switching in action
Single-molecule switching in action
Chemists from Innsbruck and New York managed to monitor single-molecule switching in action. In an article in "Nature Chemical Biology" they report their findings: The secret of bacterial riboswitches lies in their dynamics. These findings are also relevant in antibiotics research. Photo: Ronald Micura and Andrea Haller from the Institute for Organic Chemistry and the Center for Molecular Biosciences (CMBI) of the University of Innsbruck.

Physics - Chemistry - 05.04.2011
Atom and its Quantum Mirror Image
Standing in front of a mirror, we can easily tell apart ourselves from our mirror image. The mirror does not affect our motion in any way.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 18.03.2011
An Icy Gaze into the Big Bang
An Icy Gaze into the Big Bang
Scientists have reached a milestone in the exploration of quantum gas mixtures. The group led by Rudolf Grimm has succeeded in producing controlled strong interactions between two fermionic elements. This model system not only promises to provide new insights into solid-state physics but also shows intriguing analogies to the primordial substance right after the Big Bang.

Physics - Chemistry - 24.02.2011
Quantum simulator accessible to the world
Quantum simulator accessible to the world
Experimental physicists have put a lot of effort in isolating sensitive measurements from the disruptive influences of the environment. In an international first, Innsbruck quantum physicists have realized a toolbox of elementary building blocks for an open-system quantum simulator, where a controlled coupling to an environment is used in a beneficial way.

Physics - Computer Science - 24.02.2011
Quantum Computer - Tune in Now!
Quantum Computer - Tune in Now!
The Austrian research group led by physicist Rainer Blatt suggests a fundamentally novel architecture for quantum computation. They have experimentally demonstrated quantum antennae, which enable the exchange of quantum information between two separate memory cells located on a computer chip. This offers new opportunities to build practical quantum computers.

Physics - 20.01.2011

Chemistry - Physics - 11.01.2011
Gas-phase Carbonic Acid Isolated
Gas-phase Carbonic Acid Isolated
A team of chemists headed by Thomas Loerting from the University of Innsbruck and Hinrich Grothe from the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) have prepared and isolated gas-phase carbonic acid and have succeeded in characterizing the gas-phase molecules by using infrared spectroscopy.

Physics - Life Sciences - 02.11.2010
Mysterious ball lightning: Illusion or reality?
Mysterious ball lightning: Illusion or reality?
Ball lightnings are circular light phenomena occurring during thunderstorms and there are a large class of reports by eyewitnesses having experienced such events. Now physicists at the University of Innsbruck have calculated that the magnetic field of long lightning strokes may produce the image of luminous shapes, also known as phosphenes, in the brain.

Physics - Career - 11.08.2010
Nuclear atomic clock: Thorsten Schumm receives ERC Starting Grant
TU Vienna - With the awarding of the START prize in October 2009, Schumm embarked upon a great journey, and with the awarding of the ERC Starting Grant he has now taken a further step towards his goal of building a nuclear atomic clock.

Environment - Physics - 19.07.2010
Research for the world’s climate
The Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) is investing in research in the field of energy and environment.

Physics - Life Sciences - 15.06.2010
Nano design, just like in nature
Researchers at Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) are currently coordinating an EU project.

Physics - Electroengineering - 13.04.2010
Gottfried Strasser - Professor of materials engineering for nanoelectronics
Nanoelectronics specialist Gottfried Strasser bridges the gap between basic and applied research and the manufacture of components from nanomaterials.

Physics - Chemistry - 23.03.2010
Silicon Valley in the Vienna Prater
Researchers at Vienna University of Technology's Institute of Atomic and Subatomic Physics are really happy about the accreditation of their X-ray laboratory, which is the only one of its type in Austria.

Physics - 28.05.2009
Materials Science: metals with diamonds
An Inter-Faculty research team at the Vienna University of Technology is examining dimensionally stable and thermoconducting material combinations for nuclear fusion.