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Primate genomes analyzed by AI for clinical relevance of individual gene variants. New genome data from a large number of different monkey species generated by an international research team are providing new insights into the genetic causes of human diseases. With development of a deep-learning-based algorithm, they could serve as a basis for personalized medical treatment concepts in humans in the future.

Life Sciences - May 30

At the Vienna University of Technology, a breakthrough was achieved in the production of important enzymes: Previously, they were extracted from horseradish roots (horseradish), but now a precise, clean, synthetic production was achieved in the laboratory.

Life Sciences - May 22

Ants- brains are amazingly sophisticated organs that enable them to coordinate complex behaviour patterns such as the organisation of colonies.

Health - May 23

The course of the chronic inflammatory nerve disease multiple sclerosis can vary greatly. Individualized therapies for MS sufferers require early and precise prediction of future disease activity.

Life Sciences - May 17

Mapping gene linkages provides clear-cut evidence for comb jellies as sibling group to all other animals.

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Life Sciences - 20.05
Postdoktorand/in - Studie zur «Persönlichkeit von Equiden» Agroscope, 1580 Avenches VD
Life Sciences - 17.05
Head of the DNA Sequencing Platform of the Health 2030 Genome Center Health 2030 Genome Center, Genève
Agronomy/Food Science - 10.05
PhD Position in Sustainable Pig Production Agroscope, Posieux
Life Sciences - 05.06
Technische Assistenz Werkstattleitung (20 WStd., Ers.Kr.) Universität für Bodenkultur Wien
Life Sciences - 01.06
Scientific Staff (prae doc) Universität Wien
Life Sciences - 17.05
Technician (m/w/d) für Stressbiologie Austrian Institute of Technology, Wien
Chemistry - 01.05
University Assistant (prae doc) Universität Wien
Life Sciences - 26.04
UniversitätsassistentIn - Postdoc Universität Innsbruck
Life Sciences - 11.04
Junior Scientist (m/f/d) Biotechnology / Biochemistry Austrian Institute of Technology, Wien