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New paths to energy security: demand-oriented solutions

Environment - Mar 18

Energy systems that are essential to our daily lives are increasingly threatened by wars, pandemics, climate change and other unexpected events. An international team of researchers has found that demand-side approaches have far greater potential to reduce our vulnerability to energy crises than supply-side measures.

Event - Jan 23

Delegation from Hasselt University visited Montanuniversiät Leoben


Last week, a delegation from Hasselt University visited the EURECA-PRO team at Montanuniversität Leoben in order to discuss future tasks within the European University on Responsible Consumption and Production and possible future synergies in the field of research.

Career - Nov 23, 2023

ERC Consolidator Grant for Leoben Metallurgist


Professor Stefan Pogatscher received the ERC Consolidator Grant for his research into sustainable light metal alloys. This was the next important honour to be awarded to the metallurgist from Leoben after the ERC Starting Grant. He is the first scientist at the University of Leoben to achieve this.

Environment - Nov 29, 2023

Roadmap for sustainable mining


The EU project SUMEX (Sustainable Management in Extractive Industries) was recently successfully completed after 36 months. As part of the project, a roadmap for a sustainable extractive industry in Europe was created and a database of best practice examples was compiled.