Vulnerability to Adjustment and Crisis Politics in Eastern Europe and the Eurozone

2. Februar 2015, 18:30 h, Europasaal, Edmundsburg, Mönchsberg 2: Public lecture "Vulnerability to Adjustment and Crisis Politics in Eastern Europe and the Eurozone" mit Stefanie Walter (University of Zurich). Eintritt frei!

National policy responses to the euro crisis have variedconsiderably across the peripheral Eurozone member states.

One reason seems to lie in variations in societies’ vulnerabilities to austerity and structural reforms.In her lecture Stefanie Walter evaluates the hypothesis that, irrespective of the vulnerability profile and the policy response chosen, the government always tries to shelter its own core constituency from the negative consequences of the crisis and also discusses implications of the Eastern European experience for crisis politics in the Eurozone.

Stefanie Walter is Professor for International Relations and Political Economy at the Department of Political Science at the University of Zurich. In her research, she focuses on how distributional conflicts, policy preferences and institutions affect economic policy outcomes.

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