Covid-19-Research at the Department of Psychology: Online-Lecture 26.11

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Foto: Pixabay

Foto: Pixabay

Since the first COVID-19-related lockdown in spring 2020, several researchers and research groups from the Psychology Department at PLUS have been dealing with the effects of the pandemic on our thoughts, experiences and actions. As part of a series of short lectures projects and results will now be presented online: n

Start der Reihe ist: Donnerstag 26. November 2020, 16:15-17:30
Titel: Current research from the FB Psychology... related to COVID-19

In 15-minütigen Vorträgen werden folgende drei Themen behandelt:

* PD Dr. Lukas Thürmer: How can we master the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic? The role of collective implementation intentions

* Univ.- Manuel Schabus, C. Florea, & P. Topalidis: Sleep during COVID-19 lockdown: a cross-cultural pilot study

* Ao. Univ.- Anton Kühberger: Risk-perception of COVID-19 & Framingeffects in COVID-19 interventions

Vortragssprache: Englisch ______________________________________________________________

Zugang via Webex unter dem Link: uni-salzburg.webex.c­om/uni-salzburg-de/j.php’MTID=m06d784bbf45ae160eee55f4bbeaa1f79
Meeting ID: 174 012 3905 - Passcode: fbpsytalk26nov

Grafik: Paul Lengenfelder, FB Psychologie

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