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Philosophy - Jan 29, 2018
Can we teach ethical behaviour to machines' Computer Scientists in Vienna are studying ancient Sanskrit texts and using the tools of mathematical logic to describe ethical rules. The Indian sacred texts of the Vedas have been studied for millennia. But now, for the first time in history, computer scientists in Vienna analyse them by applying the methods of mathematical logic.
Philosophy - Dec 7, 2016

Optional moral assessment can promote cooperation more effectively than compulsory moral assessment

Philosophy - Mar 29, 2016

Despite prevalent myths in public about autism about their lack of empathic concern for others and propensity for condoning harmful behavior, so far the relation between their empathic capacity and moral evaluations remains sparsely studied.

Philosophy - Jul 6, 2016

What motivates people to contribute to trustful moral judgment, which is a public good yet tends to be costly? This is the moral free rider problem.

Mathematics - Jun 30, 2014

Modern logic unleashed new areas of mathematics. Even when language and intuition fail, conclusive theories can be constructed with the help of logic.

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