CERANANO - Dental implant research at the BOKU

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The Institute for Synthetic Bioarchitectures has been investigating ceramic dental implant surfaces for years. The aim is to improve the ingrowth behavior (osseointegration) through new surface architectures. Together with a dental implant material manufacturer as co-inventor (MKM-Engineering GmbH, Offenbach an der Queich, Germany), we recently submitted a strategy for non-chemical surface modification as an international patent.

The project is being funded as part of the FFG’s 9th national Nano-EHS call: https://projekte.ffg.at/proje­kt/4822680 . CERANANO deals with the risk assessment of nanoparticulate abrasion of ceramic dental implants. Nowadays, innovative materials and material combinations enable the production of esthetic and at the same time very resistant prostheses or implants for the oral area. Powdered ceramic materials are being investigated in terms of their cell-biological effect and cell adhesion to finished ceramic dental implants. CERANANO thus addresses safety and health-related issues of innovative ceramic dental implant materials along the entire life cycle in order to assess and close potential knowledge gaps in these innovative medical products.