Life Sciences - May 10
Life Sciences
How do simple creatures manage to move to a specific place? Artificial intelligence and a physical model from TU Wien can now explain this. How is it possible to move in the desired direction without a brain or nervous system? Single-celled organisms apparently manage this feat without any problems: for example, they can swim towards food with the help of small flagellar tails.
Life Sciences - May 5
Life Sciences

T cells use their antigen receptors like sticky fingers - a team from TU Wien and MedUni Vienna was able to observe them doing so.

Physics - Apr 26

Is it possible to transmit information through a material in the form of electron spins? New measurements show: not in the way that scientists had been working on for decades.

Physics - Apr 29

The acidity of molecules can be easily determined, but until now it was not possible to measure this important property for atoms on a surface.

Paleontology - Apr 20

In a new study, an international team led by Sebastian Stumpf from the University of Vienna describes a fossil skeleton of an ancient shark, which is assigned to a new, previously unknown genus and species.

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