Python (English)

26.02.2020 09:00 - 16:00


Grazer Methodenkompetenzzentrum


Web: grazer-methodenkompe­


Ort: TOUAILLON, Mozartgasse 14, EG, 8010, Graz


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This course teaches basic concepts of the programming language Python. Besides an extensive coverage of the basics, this course also discusses concepts relevant for scientific data analysis applications. Topics covered include:

- Properties of Python

- Installation and configuration

- Suitable editors and development environments

- Syntax and structure of a Python program

- Control structures (conditions, loops)

- Data types

- Importing and exporting text data

- Working with numeric data

- Visualizing data

Students are not expected to be familiar with any programming language, but basic computer skills are helpful. After taking this course, students should be familiar with basic concepts in Python. Specifically, students should be able to

- install and configure Python,

- decide if Python is suitable for a specific problem,

- understand and apply basic concepts, workflows, and commands,

- solve simple problems (e.g. create functions, import numerical data, write simple programs) with Python.

Relevant literature will be announced during the workshop.

The Workshop is being organized in cooperation with the Doctoral Academy, University of Graz

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