Critical Discourse Analysis

09:00 - 16:00


Institut für Soziologie: Geschlechtersoziologie


Web: soziologie.uni-graz.­at/de/geschlechtersoziologie/


Ort: [015G010010] Großer Besprechungsraum, Universitätsstraße 15 Bauteil G, 1.Obergeschoß


Termin vormerken: Termin vormerken

This lecture will cover the theoretical and analytical basics of Critical Discourse Analysis (or Critical Discourse Studies, in a more expansive view). Theoretical models and concepts discussed will include: discourse, power and society, as well as their mutually constitutive relationship; discourse and context; recontextualization and resemiotization; discursive shifts and change; levels of discourse and social fields; social actors and representation; argumentation and legitimation. These will be introduced, discussed and illustrated through examples and analysis of data.

This lecture is part of a one-off course that is enabled by the funding from an APPEAR educational project in partnership with the Islamic University of Gaza. The five sessions will be transmitted by audio and video to the IUG with consecutive translation into Arabic. At the IUG the course is run as a lecture series organized by the Gender and Women’s Studies Centre that the APPEAR project helped establish.

Markus Rheindorf studied English and Linguistics in Austria, the Netherlands and the USA. He holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics and specializes in Critical Discourse analysis. His research interests include political and media discourse as well as populism, nationalism, national identity, migration, and the construction of knowledge. He has a strong interest in cutting-edge methodology and innovation. His recent publications include Revisiting the Toolbox of Discourse Studies: New Trajectories in Methodology, Open Data, and Visualization (2019) with Springer.

Limited seating capacity, please register with edith.lanser [at] uni-graz (p) at by 7th January 2020

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