Jing Ning honored with WIMIN Scholar Award

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 Jing Ning
Jing Ning

Jing Ning of MedUni Vienna’s Clinical Institute of Pathology received the Recognition Award for Achievement by Women in Molecular Imaging Science for her scientific abstract at the World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) in Prague.

The joint research by Jing Ning and Clemens Spielvogel of MedUni Vienna, which was recently presented at the congress, focuses on the application of machine learning for the detection of prostate cancer patients who have no benefit from surgery and at the same time face severe side effects from surgery. The findings should enable better treatment decisions for prostate cancer patients in the future.

Jing Ning has been a PhD candidate at MedUni Vienna’s Clinical Institute of Pathology since March 2021. "Her work in the field of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging is noteworthy," says her supervisor Lukas Kenner. "I am delighted to be studying at MedUni Vienna," emphasizes Jing Ning.

The Women in Molecular Imaging Network (WIMIN) Scholar Award is given to individuals who are first author:s of meritorious scientific abstracts at WMIC. WIMIN’s mission is to promote the participation and achievements of women in molecular imaging sciences worldwide.

About the person:

Jing Ning was born in Yantai, China in 1993, studied medicine at China Medical University and nuclear medicine and molecular imaging in Beijing. She has been pursuing her PhD at the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Applied Metabolomics at the Medical University of Vienna since March 2021. She is a nuclear medicine physician and active clinical researcher. Her clinical research focus is on molecular and nuclear imaging in the fields of Neurology and Oncology, especially in prostate cancer.