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general information

Academics in Austria earn around 40% more than people without an academic degree. However, salaries vary greatly depending on the industry, age and region. Titles are more important in Austria than in almost any other country, and they certainly pay off in terms of salary.

The following figures are the median value. This means that 50% of employees earn more and 50% earn less. The salaries are calculated on the basis of full-time employment.

Gross income in Austria (median)

  • Gross annual income (all education levels, all ages) was ¤ 45,595 in 2021.
  • Gross annual income of academics: The salary of an academic depends not least very much on the field of study, the industry and the educational qualification. The gross annual income of an academic (college/university) was around ¤ 63,200 in 2021.
  • The following list shows salaries by degree (2022): Approbation ¤ 73,500, Doctorate: ¤ 65,000, Magister: ¤ 60,000, Master Engineer FH: ¤ 56,000, Master Engineer University ¤ 53,200, Bachelor FH: ¤ 45,000, Bachelor University: ¤ 42,500.

Salary by industries and professions

  • Salary by industries: The industry in which one works is also important for the salary level. For example, things look particularly good in the pharmaceutical industry, banks or energy supply.
  • The following list shows the average salaries by industry in 2021/22: pharmaceuticals: ¤ 56,000, energy: ¤ 53,200, medical technology: ¤ 51,660, banking: ¤50,700, chemical industry: ¤ 50,000, mechanical engineering: ¤ 50,000.
  • Salary by occupational group: Salaries also vary considerably by occupational group. Experienced physicians are among the top earners, but salaries are also attractive for engineers and computer scientists: Licensed physician: ¤ 73,500, IT: ¤ 50,000, engineer: ¤ 50,000.

Source:,, Stepstone Salary Report 2022

Salary calculator

The expected salary depends on age, education and industry, but also on region, company and work experience. With the salary calculator you can calculate the expected salary depending on the factors mentioned.

Poverty Line

  • In 2022, the poverty line in Austria averaged ¤ 1,392 per month for a single person and ¤ 2,924 for a household with two adults and two children under 14.


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