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Pharmacology - Dec 1
High-resolution mass spectrometry promotes new methods for analysis Humans are exposed to various environmental or dietary molecules that can attenuate or even increase the effect of therapeutic drugs. Studies on the industrial chemical bisphenol A and the phytoestrogen genistein, for example, have shown drug-exposome interactions.
Chemistry - Nov 10

The sweet taste of sugar, energy intake and the regulatory process of hunger and satiety

Life Sciences - Nov 4
Life Sciences

How extremophilic bacteria survive in space for one year

Astronomy - Oct 15

A panoramic view of the nearby Alpha Persei star cluster and its corona. The member stars in the corona are invisible.

Astronomy - Sep 22

"During its expansion, the universe evolved towards its present state, which is homogeneous and isotropic on large scales.

Physics - Nov 5

ERC Synergy Grants for Thomas Pichler and Markus Aspelmeyer

Life Sciences - Oct 22
Life Sciences

Taking a look at generosity within the crow family reveals parallels with human evolution. Working together to raise offspring and increased tolerance towards group members contribute to the emergence of generous behavior among ravens, crows, magpies and company - similarly as it did for our human ancestors.

Campus - Sep 24

This autumn, 14 new doctoral schools will start operations at the University of Vienna. (©derknopfdruecker) At universities all over Europe, doctoral schools have proven successful in offering the best possible support to doctoral candidates by providing an appropriate framework for their doctoral education.

Earth Sciences - Sep 8
Earth Sciences

Several minerals suffer radioactive self-irradiation and hence experience long-term changes of their properties.

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