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Life Sciences - Feb 14
Life Sciences
A new analysis suggests that an asymmetry pattern shared with great apes was adapted for lateralized, uniquely human cognitive abilities The left and right side of the brain are involved in different tasks. This functional lateralization and associated brain asymmetry are well documented in humans, but little is known about brain asymmetry in our closest living relatives, the great apes.
Health - Feb 5

Researchers discover a novel checkpoint in immune cells with the potential to treat the cancer cell microenvironment The recognition of bacterial infections or foreign substances is mediated and controlled by the human immune system.

Physics - Jan 30

Researchers in Austria use lasers to levitate and cool a glass nanoparticle into the quantum regime.

Chemistry - Jan 8

Physicists at the University of Vienna in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research have discovered a new type of glass formed by long, cyclic molecules.

Chemistry - Feb 4

Physicists show unique polymer behavior using computer simulations Employing a computer simulation, physicists Maximilian Liebetreu and Christos Likos have shown a unique dynamic behavior of cyclic polymers.

Physics - Jan 13

An international team of researchers from the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the University of Vienna established a quantum encrypted connection between Sicily and Malta via a submarine cable.

Astronomy - Jan 7

Interconnected stellar nurseries form the largest gaseous structure ever observed in the Milky Way galaxy.

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