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Physics - Nov 24
Crucial new technologies such as hydrogen production or carbon capture require new catalysts. Experiments show: It's not just the material that matters, but also its atomic surface structure. On the way to a CO2-neutral economy, we need to perfect a whole range of technologies - including the electrochemical extraction of hydrogen from water, fuel cells, or carbon capture.
Physics - Nov 23

Infrared light can be used to detect molecules - but it is hard to create strong, short laser pulses. A new solution was found at TU Wien.

Campus - Nov 13

Distance Learning, Examinations online, "Anonymous Mailbox" for Students and more The dramatic increase in the number of Covid-19 infections has made a new "light lockdown" necessary for many areas of public life.

Physics - Nov 10

For years, physicists at TU Wien have been studying strange phenomena - now they have found an explanation that could help to understand unconventional types of superconductivity.

Economics - Nov 9

TU Wien is establishing the "Advancement Fund" as a fund-raising format to advance fundamental research, methodological and application development and scholarships.

Campus - Nov 15

The intensified measures of the Federal Government ("lockdown until December 6") again require adjustments for the university operations at TU Wien.

Event - Nov 11

This workshop on 12 November is dedicated to infrastructures and regulatory frameworks for Open Science from a global perspective.

Pedagogy - Nov 9

Distance Learning, laboratory practice/internship, examinations, room usage in TISS and more The dramatic increase in the number of Covid-19 infections has made a new "quasi-lockdown" necessary for many areas of public life.

Computer Science - Nov 9
Computer Science

Currently there are problems with the Single Sign On system of TU Wien. is working on a solution.

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