The EU Copyright Directive - Guest lecture by Ana Ramalho


15:00 - 16:00


Prof. Bilyana Petkova (Uni Graz) & Prof. Matthias Kettemann (Uni Innsbruck)




Termin vormerken

Guest lecture series Advanced Topics of Law & Technology

The act of creation is traditionally equated with a human being. However, developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) are challenging this notion. We currently have machines that can create books, music, paintings, and other subject-matter that would come under copyright protection when created by a human being. Non-human creations that amount to literary or artistic products thus raise questions regarding the legal status of AI creations.

The intervention of AI systems in the creative process implies a reevaluation of key concepts in copyright, (such as authorship and conditions for protection), against a revision of the rationales underlying copyright protection (since they justify the granting of exclusive rights in the first place).

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