SUMMER SCHOOL 2021 - Science and Technology Success Strategies for Female* Scientists



Koordinationsstelle für Geschlechterstudien und Gleichstellung in Kooperation mit NAWI-GRAZ


Semriach bei Graz, Trattnerhof (Klausur)


Anmeldepflichtig Anmeldung bis 01.06.2021, 23:58


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Duration: 11. - 18. July 2021

This career-oriented 8-day continuing education programme contributes to the promotion of equal opportunities and the advancement of academic careers of women* in Science and Technology.
Duration: 11. - 18. July 2021, - registration until 1. June 2021

Target group: Female* PhD students and female* postdocs in Natural Sciences and Technology (Institutes, Centers and Doctoral Schools) of University of Graz, from the University of Technology of Graz and the Montanuniversität Leoben, who are aiming at an academic career.

Programme: 72 hours per participant


- Kick-off: 2 hours

- 8 seminars: 60 hours

- 2 expert discussions: 4 hours

- Individual coaching: 2 one hour units per participant

- Group coaching: 4 hours

Learning objectives

- Assessing the personal situation and developing professional focus

- Strategic approaches to career planning

- Skills pertaining to scientific organizations for the professional setting

- Insight into the (informal) structures of scientific work in the sciences

- Networking

Duration: Sunday 11. to Sunday 18. July 2021

Detailed programme

Registration: until 1. June 2021. Send the completed registration form by email. If necessary a personal preliminary interview. Adress: ilse.wieser(at) Venue : Trattnerhof, 8102 Semriach near Graz, Unterer Windhof 18, Safety concept : there is enough space for distance, daily testing and masks are available.

Contribution to costs : 300 Euro have to be paid in case of acceptance. Cancellation fee in case of cancellation of participation after the registration deadline. The fee includes instruction, seminar room, accommodation in single rooms and meals.

Childcare : please inform us of any childcare needs when registering. For solutions in case of childcare gaps or bottlenecks, unikid/Uni Graz will inform and support you.

Organizer : Coordination Centre for Gender Studies & Equal Opportunities in cooperation with NAWI Graz, University of Graz. Website with all our events, seminars, workshops and talks.

Koordinationstelle für Geschlechterstudien und Gleichstellung Ilse Wieser +43 316 380 1020

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