Öffentliches SCEUS-Webinar: Comparative Fiscal Federalism - Lessons to be Learned for the EU

Roman Puff
Roman Puff


Nehmen Sie teil am öffentlichen SCEUS-Webinar mit Roman Puff zum Thema "Comparative Fiscal Federalism - Lessons to be Learned for the EU".Am Donnerstag dem 25. März ab 17.00 Intressierte sind herzlich eingeladen, sich per stream zuzuschalten.

Both the financial and sovereign debt crises and the current Covid crisis have impressively demonstrated the importance of fiscal relations between the EU and its member states for European integration. This is why they have been a central subject of research at SCEUS for several years. Building on previous relevant research projects, the Centre started the three-year research project ’Comparative Fiscal Federalism - Lessons to be Learned for the EU’ in October 2019. In this project lawyers, political scientists and economists from seven federal states co-operate, to draw on their local experiences with the aim to develop proposals for a European fiscal federalism that is functional, crisis-proof, equitable and democratic. In the webinar we will discuss the opportunities, difficulties and risks of such an interdisciplinary endeavour, as well as its progress to date and initial results at its halfway point.

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