Marvel and Discover: That was the ’Long Night of Research’ 2024

The Long Night of Research (LNF), the largest research event in Austria, took place again on 24 May 2024.

Under the motto ’’Participate. Marvel. Discover", many doors opened again at eight Salzburg exhibition venues on 24 May 2024 to offer the public a comprehensive first-hand picture of Salzburg research. Complex scientific topics were presented in an accessible and entertaining way. The event offered a wide range of hands-on stations, workshops, experiments and lectures, covering a wide range of disciplines.

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences also opened its doors again and presented its research at a total of 22 exciting and interactive stations. More than 1,100 interested visitors of all’ages came to the Urstein campus and to the station at Residenzplatz in the city of Salzburg. From 17:00 to 23:00, visitors were able to find out about the latest research results, become active themselves and immerse themselves in the diverse topics of FH Salzburg research.

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