Lecture: Confronting Femicide in Turkey: Causes, Consequences, and Resistances to the increase of Violence against Women

’We Cannot Tolerate One More Loss!’ Source: Mor Çati

’We Cannot Tolerate One More Loss!’ Source: Mor Çati

18:00 - 19:30


Zentrum für Südosteuropastudien, SFST (Studien-und Forschungsstelle Schweiz-Türkei), Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft


Termin vormerken

by Melek Önder, Istanbul

Turkey has been witnessing a drastic increase in acts of femicide and violence against women. Newspapers report almost on a daily basis of the murder of women by male family members, former partners or other men. In this lecture, Melek Önder will present some cases of violence against women, analyze the recent discussions around the Istanbul Convention and women’s struggles in Turkey. Melek Önder is the spokesperson for the We Will Stop Femicides Platform, an Istanbul-based women’s initiative that monitors domestic and gender-based violence against women across Turkey. This event is part of the Lecture Series ,, Intersectional Perspectives on Turkey " that takes place in Summer Semester 2021. All lectures are public and will be held in English.

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The lecture series is organized by Bilgin Ayata ( bilgin.ayata(at)uni-graz.at ), Dr. des. Derya Özkaya ( derya.oezkay(at)uni-graz.at ) and Msc. Sophie Mainz ( sophie.mainz(at)uni-graz.at ).

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