Jing Ning receives funding from the Austrian Research Foundation

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(c) RSNA/Wechat
(c) RSNA/Wechat

Jing Ning from MedUni Vienna has been awarded funding by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Austrian Research Foundation for her participation in the world’s largest medical imaging conference, the "Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting" in Chicago (USA).

Out of over 11,000 abstracts submitted, Jing Ning’s scientific paper qualified for the invitation to the RSNA 2023. Thanks to the "International Communication" research funding programme, she was able to attend the top-class conference organised by the RSNA in the USA.

The "International Communication" research funding programme of the Austrian Research Foundation is an Austria-wide supplement to the financial support options available to universities and project funding institutions for the provision of travel funds for trips abroad. Funding is provided primarily for young scientists whose achievements stand out due to their high quality. Participation in international courses and conferences not only supports young researchers in expanding their knowledge, but also in building networks.

About the person:

Jing Ning was born in 1993 in Yantai, China, and studied medicine at China Medical University Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging in Beijing. Since March 2021, she has been working on her doctorate at the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Applied Metabolomics at the Medical University of Vienna. Her research focuses on molecular and nuclear imaging in the fields of neurology and oncology, in particular prostate cancer.