Geo-studies: From surveying to climate protection

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At the geoday2017@TU Graz students and staff answer everything pupils want to kn

At the geoday2017@TU Graz students and staff answer everything pupils want to know about geo-studies at TU Graz.

Geodesists measure the Earth, know how GPS works, and what 3D models of the Earth are used for. If you want to know more about geo-studies, come to geoday2017@TU Graz on 17.11..

Does climate change influence satellite orbits? What’s a mobile phone got to do with geography? And how are buildings, bridges and tunnels constantly monitored? All these questions have geodesic studies in common. Exactly what in common advanced school-level pupils and civilian service and military service personnel can find out on geoday2017 on 17th November at TU Graz. Students and teaching staff survey the broad field of study programmes, such as Geodesy, Geomatics Science, Geospatial Technologies and Space Sciences in talks, at info stands and in competitions.

Gaming with geodesists

Students estimate how much their geoscience training is linked up with practical experience. And geoday2017 can’t be complete without the art of the application: "GeoGame" is about marking out a field of ten square metres as exactly as possible without using a measuring device. Gamers together with supervisors will check the results using "official" geodetic methods. In the " WissensGame " (KnowledgeGame), theoreticians are asked questions. They give interesting answers about geodesy at several stations. There will be a draw with a Microsoft Surface PRO and an ASUS Convertible Transformer Book as main prizes.

Application is emphasised at the information day for geo-studies at TU Graz as much as during the studies.

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