Gastvortrag mit

Paolo Marcellini (Florence): ,,Some explicit solutions to a system of implicit partial differential equations: rigid maps andorigami" - October 23, 2014, 15:00, Nawi, Seminarraum II (1st Floor).

A rigid map u is a Lipschitz-continuous map with the property that at every pointwhere u is differentiable its gradient is an orthogonal matrix. We introduce Lipschitz-continuouslocal isometric immersions and propose an approach to the analytic theory of origami(i.e. piecewise C1 rigid maps plus a condition which excludes self intersection). We characterizethe singular set of u and use this characterization to explicity solve a class of Dirichletproblems associated to some partial differential systems of implicit type. For more informationsee the extended abstract at the web page mentioned below.


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