Europeanisation Processes in Southeastern Europe

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10:00 - 11:30


Zentrum für Südosteuropastudien & Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft


HS 04.01 (Universitätsplatz 4, EG)


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Julija Sardelic: The Fringes of Citizenship. Romani Minorities in Europe and Civic Marginalisation

The position of Roma has been usually discussed as the one of a minority that has been the most socio-economically disadvantaged and ethnically discriminated in Europe. However, while Roma have been visible as a minority, much less attention has been paid on their position as citizens. This has especially been the case in the former Yugoslav countries as Roma have not made similar demands as other ethnics groups. This lecture will explore how Roma have been positioned as post-Yugoslav citizens and how has this been affected by the processes of Europeanisation.

Julija Sardelic is a Lecturer in the Political Science and International Relations Programme at Victoria University of Wellington

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