Dokumentarfilm "Banana Land: Blood, Bullets and Poison" [Kopie]

12.12.13, 19 Uhr, Unipark, Erzapt-Klotz-Str. 1, Hörsaal E.001: Österreich-Premiere des Dokumentarfilm "Banana Land: Blood, Bullets and Poison".

Banana Land: Blood, Bullets and Poison

For consumers, bananas are a delicious and nutritious start to the day, a healthy snack and a fixture in our fruit bowls. However, for millions of residents in the banana lands, the production of bananas means social upheaval, violence and pesticide poisoning.

The banana industry’s multiple health and human rights violations are not only a serious issue that deserves attention, but absolutely relevant to multiple fields of study.

The documentary Banana Land: Blood, Bullets and Poison explores the origins of one of the first transnational corporations, United Fruit Company, and the impact its model of production has had on subsequent generations, and also examines the damaging practices of present producers. The film opens the conversation on how workers, producers and consumers can address these issues.

Banana Land covers over 85 years of history in the banana lands, from the infamous Santa Marta Massacre, known as the Banana Massacre, in 1928 to the paramilitary and Dole/Chiquita-backed killings of labor organizers and workers in the same region today.

The film also explores the fundamental flaws in monoculture and how this dependence on monoculture in the banana industry not only ravages the people living near, and working in, the farms but is also a bad business model for the companies themselves.

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