Coronavirus - Update: Safety and Protection Requirements from June 2, 2020

In connection with the decisions of the Federal Government on the successive withdrawal of the COVID-19 restrictions, the central regulations to the buildings of TU Wien will also be terminated by the Rectorate at TU Wien and will be handed over to the leading officers of TU Wien.

From June 2, all employees and all other scientists working at the TU Wien will be able to return to their workplaces. However, in order to ensure the health of all those working at the TU Wien, the respective immediate supervisors must continue to observe the known safety and protection requirements , opens an external URL in a new window. Home office is still possible.

In addition, the following requirements apply to immediate superiors of TU Wien:

Rooms with an area of up to 20 m2 can only be used by one person. Larger rooms can be used by several people, provided a safe distance is maintained. The required safety distance must also be ensured in the case of traffic areas and d facilities.

The minimum required safety distance between persons is 1 m. The minimum distance between workplaces is 1.5 m in offices and 2 m in laboratories and workshops.

Compliance with hygiene regulations such as regular hand washing, frequent and adequate ventilation, hygienic handling of d equipment, etc. must be ensured (see also­/95Wx ).

Floors, desks and storage areas are cleaned daily by GUT. For the disinfection of all other objects (door buckles, telephone receivers, keyboards, folders, ...) disinfectants are made available to the individual work areas.

The necessary protective equipment (MNS masks, visors, gloves, disinfectant) will be provided by GUT. If you have any further questions, please contact the GUT Unit of Safety and Occupational Health ( ).

The Rectorate of TU Wien

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