COOL-KIT: Modular solutions for integration of cooling in buildings of the founders’ period (Gründerzeit)

There are no standardized cooling system solutions for buildings from the Gründe
There are no standardized cooling system solutions for buildings from the Gründerzeit period. Researchers at TU Graz are developing optimized modular solutions in the COOL-KIT project. Source: Institute of Thermal Engineering - TU Graz

In the COOL-KIT project, TU Graz researchers are developing and demonstrating system solutions for cooling buildings from the founders’ period (Gründerzeit).

Buildings from this period characterise the centres of many European cities, are increasingly exposed to urban heat islands and are suffering from a proliferation of inefficient single split units. In order to ensure optimum energy management, the cooling system solutions developed include various technologies - e.g. activated ceilings, fan coils, radiators - the use of photovoltaic and geothermal energy as well as predictive control technology. Selected system configurations are implemented in several buildings as part of the project and evaluated in terms of energy, economy, ecology, comfort and potential for integration into future microgrids. Gained experiences, simulation studies, market survey and stakeholder analyses result in a set of comprehensively evaluated model solutions (COOL-KIT), mapped in modular models and coordinated with the monument conservation authorities.

COOL-KIT is part of Green Energy Lab , a research initiative for sustainable energy solutions.
This project ist funded by the Climate and Energy Fund and implemented in the framework of the RTI-initiative "Flagship region Energy".