Catholic Church in Croatia

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Legal Framework and Social Frictions

The goal of the lecture series is to grasp and compare reproductions of religion in Southeast European space as a social phenomenon. This will be accomplished by mediating an understanding for the relationship between religion, politics and society based upon the example of contemporary Southeast Europe. It will be illustrated through inputs from current research in the field and the inclusion of approaches from historiography, anthropology, sociology, and political science.

The lecture analyzes the legal position of the Catholic Church (CC) in Croatia from the point of view of memories of the past. The current legal position, secured by international agreements with the Holy See, can be understood as a consequence of historical changes and the reaction of the CC to these changes. This in particular concerns the very unfavourable position during the communist time. While the scholarly literature and public debates question the current legal and social position of the CC from different perspectives (principles of equality, separation of Church and state...) this lecture gives another standpoint. The sociological data reject the public image of high religiosity and show the high distance to the Church as a social institution and in particular toward its political involvement. The question is how these data influence the legal framework and whether they point to other historical memories, though not visible or suppressed in public discussions.

Sini¨a Zrin¨cak is a Croatian sociologist and a Professor of Sociology at the University of Zagreb - Faculty of Law. His main scientific interests include religious and social policy changes in post-communism, Church-State relations, European and comparative social policy, and gender.

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