Behind the Curtain: Shaping Academia in Committees and Commissions

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SR 37.13



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Round Table Conversation with Professor Renate Dworczak. An event of the PostDoc Office

July 6, 2022, 10:00-11:30, SR 37.13 (Palais Kottulinsky)

Being a member of our university generally means doing research, teaching and - more or less - administration. But it can be more, if you like. You can actively contribute to the development of our alma mater and have influence on what this development will be like. We will talk about some ways to do this. In your institute or your department, in your faculty as well as in the senate, you can be involved in strategic planning and decision making. So, e.g., as a member of a Curriculum Committee you could co-decide what our curricula will be like in the future. The Employee’s Council for the Academic Staff und the Working Group for Equal Opportunities are legally installed and can be strong partners for the university’s management. On the long run you might even be interested in university management. All this can be interesting and personally rewarding - just give it a try!

About Renate Dworczak:

Ao.Univ- Renate Dworczak, professor of organic chemistry, is the special representative of the rectorate for gender equality and diversity. She has previously served as Vice-Rector for Staff, Staff Development and Equality for three four-year terms and prior to that was chair of the AKGL (Arbeitskreis für Gleichbehandlungsfragen/ Working Group for Equal Opportunities).

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