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Business / Economics - Innovation - 14.11.2011

Business / Economics - Civil Engineering - 01.03.2011
The origin of productivity remains in the City
The trend towards urbanization continues - and it has positive effects on our economy, Prof. Edwin Deutsch from the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) claims.

Business / Economics - 12.11.2010
Guest Lecture: David Lorge Parnas
The Distributed Systems Group of the Information Systems Institute invites to the guest lecture of David Lorge PARNAS : Professor Emeritus at the McMaster University, Hamilton Canada, and at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

Business / Economics - Career - 03.11.2010
Falling birth-rate can bring prosperity
The population is ageing - and demographic change is also altering working life. However, according to studies by Vienna University of Technology, the effects could well be positive.

Mechanical Engineering - Business / Economics - 22.06.2009

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