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Event - 25.05.2022

Health - Pharmacology - 24.05.2022
Novel implant for the treatment of valvular heart disease
In a complex procedure, a team from the Department of Cardiac Surgery at MedUni Vienna and University Hospital Vienna has, for the first time, successfully inserted a novel implant for treating tricuspid valve regurgitation via a single access on one side of the groin.

Event - 24.05.2022

Computer Science - Innovation - 18.05.2022
Mixed Reality: U.S. Company Snap Inc. Endows TU Graz Professorship
The company behind the instant messaging service Snapchat will be researching new technologies in the field of mixed reality with TU Graz over the next six years.

Materials Science - Physics - 16.05.2022
Electronic Skin: Physicist at TU Graz Develops Multisensory Hybrid Material
Electronic Skin: Physicist at TU Graz Develops Multisensory Hybrid Material
The "smart skin" developed by Anna Maria Coclite is very similar to human skin. It senses pressure, humidity and temperature simultaneously and produces electronic signals.

Event - Career - 15.05.2022

Health - 13.05.2022
Locked-In Syndrome: Ending Isolation with Brain-Computer Interfaces
Locked-In Syndrome: Ending Isolation with Brain-Computer Interfaces
People with locked-in syndrome (LIS) are enormously restricted in their communication. Implantable brain-computer interfaces that decode speech in real time from brain signals should help free users from isolation.

Health - Social Sciences - 12.05.2022
One in five male adolescents suffers from high blood pressure
To mark World Hypertension Day on 17 May, MedUni Vienna is raising awareness about the growing number of children and adolescents with high blood pressure.

Health - Event - 12.05.2022
The Long Night of Research engages ’heart and mind’
On the Medical Research Mile on the Long Night of Research on 20 May 2022, MedUni Vienna's focus will be on two major organs of the human body.

Social Sciences - Health - 09.05.2022
75% of the foods promoted by influencers are unhealthy
Three-quarters of the products that German-speaking influencers post about on various social media channels are so unhealthy that they contravene the WHO (World Health Organization) advertising standards for children.

Event - 06.05.2022

Social Sciences - Politics - 03.05.2022
Brownbag: Is Southeastern Model of Punishment Too Harsh?
13:00 - 14:00 VeranstalterIn Zentrum für Südosteuropastudien, SOEGA & Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft Veranstaltungsort: HS 04.

Health - Pharmacology - 03.05.2022
New heart valve technology for the treatment of aortic valve regurgitation
Aortic valve regurgitation is one of the commonest heart defects. If the aortic valve no longer closes tightly, the valve has to be reconstructed or replaced.

Health - Pharmacology - 02.05.2022
Antonia Müller takes up professorial chair in cell therapy and transfusion medicine
On 1 May 2022, Antonia Müller, an expert in stem cell and immune cell therapies, took over the Chair in Cell Therapy and Transfusion Medicine (§98) at MedUni Vienna and leadership of the Department of Blood Group Serology and Transfusion Medicine of MedUni Vienna and University Hospital Vienna.

Event - Linguistics / Literature - 29.04.2022

Health - Pharmacology - 26.04.2022
Reduced fatty acid levels: Graz research leads the way for medicines
Reduced fatty acid levels: Graz research leads the way for medicines
Atglistatin can reduce the fatty acid level in the blood, which is causal for type II diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver or cardiac insufficiency.

Social Sciences - Event - 24.04.2022
Europeanisation Processes in Southeastern Europe: Discourse and Affect in Postsocialist Bosnia and Herzegovina
10:00 - 11:30 VeranstalterIn Zentrum für Südosteuropastudien & Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft Veranstaltungsort: HS04.01 (Universitätsplatz 4, EG) Teilnahme Termin vormerken This book looks at

Health - Campus - 13.04.2022
MedAT admissions procedure to study medicine 15,788 applications
The end of March was the deadline for applications to take part in the joint admission procedures for the medical universities in Vienna, Innsbruck and Graz as well as the Medical Faculty of Johannes Kepler University in Linz.

Event - 12.04.2022