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Health - Life Sciences - 24.04.2024
Immune cells in the starting blocks: 'Always ready' is hard work
Immune cells in the starting blocks: ’Always ready’ is hard work
When pathogens invade the body, the immune system must react immediately and prevent or contain an infection. But how do our immune cells stay ready when there is no attacker in sight? Scientists from Vienna and Salzburg have come up with an intriguing explanation: They are stimulated by healthy tissue.

Life Sciences - Health - 27.06.2023
Pediatric cancer: weak points in the immune response against metastases discovered
PLUS: Pediatric Cancer: Vulnerabilities in the Immune Response against Metastases Discovered Scientists led by Nikolaus Fortelny, Paris Lodron University Salzburg, and Sabine Taschner-Mandl, St. Anna Children's Cancer Research, have gained new insights into the cell architecture and cell-cell communication of neuroblastoma metastases in a groundbreaking study.

Environment - 14.06.2023
Climate change alters biodiversity
Climate change alters biodiversity
Scientists from the Universities of Salzburg, Torun (Poland) and Potsdam and the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research demonstrate in their recent study that butterflies in the province of Salzburg are sensitive to climate change and intensified agriculture. The studies appeared in the journal Science of the Total Environment.

Health - Social Sciences - 19.05.2021
Changing Values. the Rise in Conservatism in the Corona Crisis
How do people's values and attitudes change over the course of a pandemic? Salzburg sociologists have played a major role in a worldwide longitudinal study on this matter. A year on, findings depict an increase of conservatism in Austria. The Values in Crisis (VIC) survey, carried out internationally, consists of 21 portraits to assess basic values, as well as some 300 other questions on political and social attitudes.