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Innovation - 05.09.2022
Tracking in dense forest with commercial drones
Tracking in dense forest with commercial drones
New method enables people and game tracking in dense forest cover with commercially available drones. Back in the spring, JKU reported on the world's first real-time tracking of people in dense forest cover. Now comes the next step . The system can now also be used for normal, commercially available drones.

Physics - 17.08.2022
Defective Material Forms Spin Structures: JKU Physicists Explain & Surprising Experiment
What is more important in research: theory or experiments? Ideally, both, as a collaboration between Johannes Kepler University Linz and the Max Planck Institute in Halle shows. The Linz physicists were able to provide the theoretical explanation for surprising results in experiments in Germany. The German researchers had determined certain CrTe2 structures with X-ray spectroscopy - and came across skyrmions.

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