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Computer Science - 29.11.2017
Logic can make our Browsers Safe
Logic can make our Browsers Safe
The Computer Scientist Matteo Maffei (TU Wien) is awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant for the project "Browsec: Foundations and Tools for Client-Side Web Security" . He is working on a plugin that will make browsers safe - and is logically impossible to fool. We are hardly aware of the dangers we face when we are browsing the web.

Physics - Computer Science - 06.09.2017
New tool for characterizing quantum simulators
New tool for characterizing quantum simulators
Physicsts are developing quantum simulators, to help solve problems that are beyond the reach of conventional computers. However, they first need new tools to ensure that the simulators work properly. Innsbruck researchers around Rainer Blatt and Christian Roos, together with researchers from the Universities of Ulm and Strathclyde, have now implemented a new technique in the laboratory that can be used to efficiently characterize the complex states of quantum simulators.

Physics - Computer Science - 12.07.2017
Nickel is Crucial for the Earth's Magnetic Field
Nickel is Crucial for the Earth’s Magnetic Field
Scientists at TU Wien and Würzburg University are changing our idea of the earth's magnetic field: iron alone cannot explain the concept of the geodynamo. The crucial ingredient is nickel. It only takes a simple compass to demonstrate that the earth has a magnetic field - but it is quite difficult to explain how exactly it is created.

Life Sciences - Computer Science - 09.05.2017
A new tool to decipher evolutionary biology
A new tool to decipher evolutionary biology
A new bioinformatics tool to compare genome data has been developed by teams from the Max F. Perutz Laboratories, a joint venture of the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna, together with researchers from Australia and Canada. The program called ‘ModelFinder' uses a fast algorithm and allows previously not attainable new insights into evolution.

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